Beijing has rolled out a guideline based on skills, employment history and education aimed at attracting top skilled and entrepreneurial talent to permanently settle down in the city.

Long known for its stringent settling rules that apply to both non-resident Chinese and foreigners alike, the city will now reportedly prioritize bringing in what it dubs “innovative and entrepreneurial talent”, referring to startups with a certain size of investment, investors (personnel and companies), and leading players in the hi-tech and creative industries.

By meeting items set on a point based system, foreigners could essentially earn a green card should they work at startups or companies in the Zhongguancun Technology Park.

Likewise, for qualified non-resident Chinese citizens, reportedly the application process for Beijing hukous, or residency permits would be relaxed and salaries would not be capped for top-level jobs. Also, a local hukou would in principle entitle the holder to enjoy more public service.

Despite the relative loosening in policies, the city has still capped its population for 2020 at 23 million, leading analysts to believe that the application process would not necessarily be easier.