• China’s banking regulator plans to allow local governments to set up more asset management companies (AMCs) as part of a broader effort to manage corporate debt and reduce the growing volume of troubled bank loans that pose a risk to the economy: Reuters
  • The China Development and Reform Commission will hold a meeting with leaders of
    22 major coal enterprises in the country tomorrow to discuss the current coal supply and demand situation:  Shanghai Securities News
  • China’s coal futures surged by the daily limit, coke futures closed up 3.77%, palm futures up 3.52%, and iron ore futures up 3.18%
  • Ningbo Haitian Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. (subscription code: 780882) and Chengdu Fusen Noble-House Industrial Co.,Ltd. (002818) accept investors’ subscription tomorrow. Haitian Precision Machinery Co will sell 52.20 million shares at 1.5 yuan per share, implying a PE ratio of 22.98 times, while Fusen Noble-House Industrial Co will issue 44 million shares at 23.49 yuan per share, with a PE ratio of 22.99 times: FINTS
  • China’s tax revenue in the first three quarters increased 7% YoY to 897 billion yuan:State Administration of Taxation
  • The onshore yuan agaist the dollar closed at 6.7718 after hitting a low of 6.7770 earlier in the session, compared with Friday’s official close of 6.7599