Shenzhen is considering to build three new airports, namely one each for commercial airliners, seaplanes and helicopters.

The moves mark part of a 1.4-trillion-yuan plan to bring the city’s development eastward.

According to the Eastward Shift Strategic Action Plan for 2016 to 2020 unveiled last month, Shenzhen is responsible for building the “One Belt, One Road” transportation hub in southern China by analyzing the feasibility of constructing an airport on water in the east, as well as planning a second airport as soon as possible.

People with knowledge of the plan said that a second Shenzhen airport is at the very early planning stages and may be built somewhere near Huizhou, a city to the east of Shenzhen, which has a small airport for military use.

Shenzhen now only has one international flight to the U.S. via Beijing and is expected to be given at least five more international routes this year under the 13th five-year plan.

An “airport-on-water” is also likely to be built on Shenzhen’s Da Peng Peninsula, according to sources with knowledge. Likewise, the same sources also said that the Nantou Airport, now able to handle 16 helicopters at a given time, will be relocated to the city’s Longhua district.